Netherlands: Single European Asylum Policy in 2010?

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Tue Sep 11 16:39:31 UTC 2007

Netherlands: Single European Asylum Policy in 2010

THE HAGUE, 11/09/07 - The Netherlands wants asylum policy in the EU
countries to be further dovetailed among them. "The cabinet has as its
goal a single European asylum procedure and asylum status in 2010,"
say Justice State Secretary Nebahat Albayrak and Foreign Minister
Maxime Verhagen in a letter to parliament.

"A clear European asylum policy is necessary according to the cabinet
because of free movement of persons and the abolition of internal
borders. It is also important for the legal security of
asylum-seekers. Additionally, a community-wide system should
contribute to a more balanced distribution of asylum-seekers among the
EU member states."

EU justice and home affairs ministers reached agreement in 2004 under
the Netherlands' EU presidency on aiming for a single uniform asylum
procedure in 2010. Various member states however immediately indicated
they had doubts about the date.

The letter also refers to the residence and working permit for
knowledge migrants in the EU. The European Commission is expected to
propose such a 'blue card' in October. "The cabinet is positive on
European policy for knowledge migrants, in so far as this is

The Netherlands is currently the only EU country to admit knowledge
migrants on the basis of salary criteria, a labour contract and a
statement from the employer. Other countries have criteria based on
education, experience, age and knowledge of language. The cabinet says
on this that it is important "that the admission criteria for
knowledge migrants are clear and objective to check."

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