New book on language shift

Harold F. Schiffman haroldfs at
Thu Sep 20 13:20:02 UTC 2007

New book on language shift

A new book has been just published (in Russian), Language Change in
Language Shift Situation (ed. by Nikolai Vakhtin, Institute of Linguistic
Research, St. Petersburg. 2007). The book is a 307-pages collection of
selected papers from a conference held in St. Petersburg in September

The book consists of two parts, roughly ''Theory'' and ''Case Studies''.
Part One: Ekaterina Gruzdeva (Language attrition), Ksenia Viktorova
(Language shift as a sociolinguistic phenomenon), Svetlana Burlak
(Language shift and historical linguistics), and Alexander Pevnov
(Language on the verge). Part Two: case studies by Lenore Grenoble
(Evenki), Ariadna Kuznetsova (Sel'kup), Tatiana Agranat (Vodic), Nikolai
Vakhtin (Yupik), Ekaterina Gruzdeva (Nivkh), Evgenii Khelimskii (Enets),
Mehmet Muslimov (Western Ingrian), and Elena Perekhvalskaya (Udeghe).

If you interested in receiving this book please write to: Ms Vlada
Baranova (vlada at and give her your mailing address. If your
request arrives before October 15, 2007 you will receive the book for

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