Linguistic Hygiene in North Carolina

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That Gosh Darn North Carolina School

Sep 20th 2007*High School*


Sorry North Carolina high school athletes—the party is
You're no longer going to be able to express your feelings about what's
happening on the field.

Charlie Adams, executive director of the N.C. High School Athletic
Association, said he plans to push a zero tolerance policy for profanity to
the NCHSAA Board of Directors to vote on at their winter meetings. If it
passes, Adams said he expects to levy fines next fall against schools whose
athletes violate the language policy.

Many states already have rules against profanity that call for fines ranging
from $100 to $250. Adams says that for now no players will be punished with

Call me old fashioned, but when a player misses a big shot or gives up a
home run he should be allowed to yell "fuck" in frustration. This rule can't
help but make me think of Amare Stoudemire getting suspended for taking two
steps toward Robert Horry after Horry body checked Steve Nash. You just
can't strictly enforce a rule that is counter to the brain's natural
reaction.  You know what happens when players have to bottle up their
frustration?  They end up charging into the stands and punching fans. The
good news (or bad news, depending on your view) is that because there are no
suspensions and the schools have to pay the fines, there's really still no
incentive for players not to use profanity.   My suggestion is for players
to protest the rule by have a contest to see who can rack up the most fines.
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