Policy for Icelandic Language to Be Formalized

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09/25/2007 | 11:27

Policy for Icelandic Language to Be Formalized

The Ministry of Education decided yesterday to put ISK 1.5 billion (USD 24
million, EUR 17 million) towards having a draft of an Icelandic language
policy created. The draft is scheduled to be finished before Icelandic
Language Day next year, celebrated annually on November 16.

According to GudrĂșn Kvaran, head of the Icelandic Language Committee, this
is the first time a public language policy has been created, adding that the
other Nordic countries have achieved more in regards to protecting their
language, *ruv.is* reports.

Five groups will be appointed to help creating the draft and will collect
information about the position of the Icelandic language in various fields
of society, like the different levels of education and within the media and

Afterwards the groups will estimate which factors have to be taken into
account when creating a strategy for preserving the Icelandic language.


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