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Kurmanjî Kurdish: Languages of the World/Materials 4682007: Lincom GmbH
Author: Gülşat Aygen
This is a descriptive grammar of Kurmanjî, a major northern dialect ofKurdish spoken by the Kurds of Turkey, Eastern Syria, the Caucasus andparts of Iran. Considering that there is no reference grammar of anydialect of Kurdish published in English, and that there are only a fewrelevant grammars published in Turkish and Iranian, this book will be aunique resource as a reference grammar for the wider linguistics community.
This book covers the basic phonetic, phonological, morphological andsyntactic structure of Kurmanjî, and includes some sample texts. The firstchapter focuses on the phonetic inventory and phonotactics of KurmanjîKurdish as well as some suprasegmental features, such as stress, and commonphonological processes. The second chapter describes the morphologicalstructure: parts of speech and the relevant inflectional morphology. Thethird chapter presents the Kurmanjî sentence structure, both simple andcomplex, including subordinate clauses. Finally, chapter four contains somesample texts.
This grammar relies heavily on both the very few published material onKurdic, particularly those of Bedir-Xan brothers and data elicited fromnative speakers of Kurmanjî. It adheres to the conventions of theRoman-based alphabet, following Bedir-Xan's orthography and to IPA formswhere relevant.

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