Foreign population in Singapore exceeds 1 million

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Foreign population in Singapore exceeds 1 million
Posted on : 2007-09-28 |

Singapore - Foreigners are coming to Singapore in unprecedented
numbers, lifting the city-state's population to 4.68 million, the
Department of Statistics said Friday. The foreign population,
including professionals, workers, students and their family members
was 1,005,500 in June, exceeding 1 million people for the first time.
The latest figure is up 14.9 per cent from a year earlier and marks
the largest increase in at least seven years, according to the
department's annual report on population trends.  Singaporeans and
permanent residents increased 1.8 per cent, the same rate of increase
as the previous year.

The increases boosted the total population to 4.68 million as of June,
a 4.4 per cent from June 2006. "Many neighbouring countries such as
Indonesia and Malaysia have been on a strong growth path, so their
companies have been setting up shop here as a base for regional
expansion," The Straits Times quoted economist Song Seng Wun as

The surge also reflects Singapore's broad-based economic recovery, he
said: "Foreigners are lapping up job opportunities for sectors across
the board." With Singaporeans having fewer children than are needed to
replace the population, the government has been eager to attract
foreigners. A slew of incentives including baby bonuses have failed to
result in a significant birth increase.

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