RGS-IBG 2009 CFP: Language and Space

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RGS-IBG Annual Conference
26-28 August 2009, Manchester, UK
Call for Papers

Language and space: Intersections and exchanges between socio-cultural
linguistics and human geography
Sponsored by the Social & Cultural Geography Research Group and the
History & Philosophy of Geography Research Group

For years, researchers in socio-cultural linguistics have incorporated
geographical knowledges into their work through concepts like
'context', 'setting', and 'framing', but recently emerging research is
more purposefully exploring links between linguistic practices and
geographical concepts of space, place and mobility.  Such research
ranges from topics like spatial orientation and the communicative work
necessary to express and understand ideas of it, to communicative
practices employed in technology-aided interaction, to alternative
mappings of space by linguistic practices that challenge existing
ideologies of power.  As sociolinguists are engaging with these ideas
on an increasingly ambitious scale (see Space-Interaction-Discourse ),
this panel seeks to join their efforts with human geographers
exploring language and communicative practices in their work.

Taking this topic at its most broad, we invite submissions from
geographers that explore:
- using linguistic methodologies in geographical work, including
discourse analysis, conversation analysis, ethnomethodology,
variation, semiotic analysis, etc
- Semiotics of space and place and discourses in place
- mobility and interaction
- communication at a distance; communicative practices enacted from
distant locations, as well as technologies of communication
- embodiment and embodied practices in communication

The final panel will include a combination of invited speakers from
sociolinguistics and submitted papers from geography, in order to
encourage cross-disciplinary conversation and open spaces for
potential research collaboration.  Interested parties are invited to
send queries or ideas.
Please submit paper titles and abstracts of no more than 250 words to
Lauren Wagner at l.wagner at ucl.ac.uk no later than FRIDAY 30 JANUARY

Lauren Wagner
Department of Geography
University College London
26 Bedford Way
London WC1H 0AP
United Kingdom
email: l.wagner at ucl.ac.uk
telephone: +44 (0)20 7679 5527

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