Malaysia: learn the global language

Harold Schiffman hfsclpp at
Fri Dec 5 16:46:11 UTC 2008


National Language a bonding amongst the people
Every corner one can walk streets and alleys
Our own grown Malay Language
It brings nationalistic gel into our lives
It is about that a locally lingo bridging the gap

Now English is an international language
Every one should master it to stay afloat
In the globalize world of multitude of people
English is the way to stake our claims

But Dr M never wanted it to happen
He wanted us to stay under the shell
He changed the education policy
National Language bridging the locals
We aren't outstanding in the world
We have deteriorated our standards since
The day we forget to master many languages

Over 2 decades
We lost our will to compete
Living in our shells thinking we are the best
Only the truth drives home
We are only 'jaguh kampong'

Now we wake up
Counting our losses in time
Regrets many yet afraid to learn
Languages to master our destiny

We see the narrow minded people
Clamoring for the Malay language
When the world keeps evolving
They don't see they are left behind

Malay language is bonding with local people
We need to learn the global language
To compete, to improve our status, to acquire knowledge and skills
Otherwise we are left behind for good
We are only 'jaguh kampong'
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