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Robert Lawless robert.lawless at
Sat Dec 13 20:57:35 UTC 2008

Ron. Do you realize that you are misunderstood practically every time 
you get on this issue -- on this and other lists? Ever time you declare 
that the analytic model is a superior explanatory tool to folk 
perspective, you are accused of denigrating folk beliefs. The reaction 
is worth a paper in itself. Robert.

Ronald Kephart wrote:
> On 12/12/08 2:02 PM, "Lynn Goldstein" <lgoldstein at> wrote:
>> I am quite interested in folk linguistics and  I strongly believe that
>> these types of statements and beliefs , while subjective, have great
>> linguistic/scientific merit. Understanding and describing people's folk
>> views  should be an essential part of linguistics.
> Yes, I was unclear. I didn't mean that the attitudes and evaluations of
> language don't have merit as objects of study in and of themselves. I only
> meant that they do not have merit as scientific evaluations of language. And
> I do think that it's important that our students know this. I teach an intro
> class for mostly English Lit and Ed majors, and I spend a lot of time on
> this issue.
> I especially hope you'll share whatever you discover about folk views of
> Ron
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