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Language Policy
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Whether it's Official English or English-only in the United States, or calls
for increased language education, language policy can take many shapes and
forms. Information on some of the issues that TESOL is monitoring, as well
as updates on TESOL's activities, can be found below.

Access the Latest Language Policy Documents:

   - TESOL Submits Testimony for Hearing on English-only in the U.S., July
   2006 (53K PDF)<http://tesol.org/s_TESOL/bin.asp?CID=922&DID=6756&DOC=FILE.PDF>
   As part of the larger debate over immigration reform, the Subcommittee on
   Education Reform in the U.S. House of Representatives held a hearing on July
   26 to discuss differing views on English as the official language of the
   United States. TESOL offered its comments through written testimony
   submitted to the subcommittee.
   - Position Paper on English-Only Legislation in the United States (June
   2005; PDF)<http://tesol.org/s_TESOL/bin.asp?CID=922&DID=4162&DOC=FILE.PDF>
   English-only, Official English, and English First are various names used
   by a movement whose goal is to have English declared the official language
   of the United States, so that all government business is conducted only in
   English. TESOL has historically opposed such restrictive language policies,
   as stated by its Resolution on Language Rights (1987) and its Position
   Statement on Language Rights (2000).
   - TESOL Urges Veto of West Virginia English Only Bill (April 2005;
   On the last day of its legislative session, the West Virginia legislature
   approved a bill that included a last-minute amendment making English the
   official language of the state. The letter from TEOSL President Elliot Judd
   urging the governor to veto the bill is available here.
   - Position Statement on Multilingualism (October 2004;
   Although TESOL's mission is to advance excellence in English language
   teaching, TESOL values and encourages multilingualism in all learners at
   every age and level. TESOL supports and encourages programs that foster
   skills in both first and additional languages.
   - Position Statement on Language Rights (October


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