Cross-Language Enterprise Search launches on Google Enterprise Labs

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Fri Dec 19 15:34:10 UTC 2008

 Cross-Language Enterprise Search launches on Google Enterprise
December 18, 2008 at 9:34 AM We are excited that our 10th Enterprise Labs
experiment in just over a year is also the 5th experiment (see others like
our Google Apps
that lets Google Search Appliance
<>users reach securely into the
cloud, tapping into the vast resources of the
internet and Google's latest and greatest technologies.  Many of our
enterprise search customers have dozens of offices all over the world with
tens of millions documents indexed in a host of different languages.  Before
today, when users searched for a topic, the search only returned documents
that were in the same language as the query.  Cross-Language Enterprise
Search instantly translates your Google Search Appliance query from one
language to one or more other languages using Google's best-in-class
engine <>.

 Wondering if your Paris office has some documents in French that might be
relevant to your search?  Frustrated that your first language isn't English,
yet 90% of your corporate documents are in English?  Now users can search in
their native language, but find every document within the enterprise on the
topic.  In addition, you can choose to have the results come back in any
language and you can even translate the search result snippets (or documents
themselves) into any language!

Owners of a Google Mini or Google Search Appliance can try Cross-Language
Enterprise Search today by visiting Google Enterprise

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