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from the last few issues of Language Policy

  *Augusto Carli and Ulrich Ammon: Linguistic Inequality in Scientific
Communication Today (AILA Review, Vol.
*Language Policy*
by Harold Schiffman <>
 *Marketing, management and performance: multilingualism as commodity in a
tourism call centre* <>
*Language Policy*
by Alexandre Duchêne <>
 *Threats to the sustainability of the outsourced call center industry in
the Philippines: implications for language
*Language Policy*
by Eric Friginal <>
 *Anthony J. Liddicoat (ed): Issues in Language Planning and
*Language Policy*
by Peter De Costa <>
 *Angela Reyes: Language, Identity, and Stereotype Among Southeast Asian
American Youth: The Other Asian* <>
*Language Policy*
by Ha Lam <>
 *Questions for Robert Cooper* <>
*Language Policy*
by Elana Shohamy <>
 *Quechua language attitudes and maintenance in Cuzco,
*Language Policy*, Vol. 7, No. 4. (1 December 2008), pp. 323-344.
by Marilyn Manley <>
 *Language-in-healthcare policy, interaction patterns, and unequal care on
the U.S.-Mexico border* <>
*Language Policy*, Vol. 7, No. 4. (1 December 2008), pp. 345-363.
by Glenn Martinez <>
 *Monica Heller (ed): Bilingualism: A Social Approach (Palgrave Advances in
Linguistics)* <>
*Language Policy*
by Beatrice Fracchiolla <>
 *Andrew Simpson (ed): Language and National Identity in
*Language Policy*
by Nicholas Ostler <>
 *Robin Adamson: The Defence of French. A Language in
*Language Policy*
by Carol Sanders <>
 *Anne Pauwels, Joanne Winter and Joseph Lo Bianco (eds): Maintaining
Minority Languages in Transnational Contexts (Palgrave Studies in Minority
Languages and Communities)* <>
*Language Policy*
by Sue Fox <>
 *Máiréad Nic Craith (ed): Language, Power and Identity Politics (Palgrave
Studies in Minority Languages and
*Language Policy*
by Thomas Ricento <>
 *Eddie Williams: Bridges and Barriers: Language in African Education and
Development* <>
*Language Policy*
by Gibson Ferguson <>
 *Marginalizing English as a second language teacher expertise: The
exclusionary consequence of No Child Left
*Language Policy*, Vol. 7, No. 3. (2008), pp. 267-284.
by Candace Harper <>, Ester de
Elizabeth Platt <>
 *Editorial 7.3: Introduction to the thematic
*Language Policy*, Vol. 7, No. 3. (2008), pp. 191-199.
by Kate Menken <>
 *Charlene Rivera and Eric Collum (eds): State Assessment Policy and
Practice for English Language Learners: A National
*Language Policy*, Vol. 7, No. 3. (2008), pp. 285-287.
by Sean Mcgrew <>
 *NCLB and California's English language learners: The perfect
*Language Policy*, Vol. 7, No. 3. (2008), pp. 201-216.
by Patricia Gándara <>, Gabriel
Baca <>
 *High-stakes math tests: How No Child Left Behind leaves newcomer English
language learners behind* <>
*Language Policy*, Vol. 7, No. 3. (2008), pp. 237-266.
by Wayne Wright <>, Xiaoshi
 *A bilingual education for a monolingual test? The pressure to prepare for
TAKS and its influence on choices for language of instruction in Texas
elementary bilingual classrooms* <>
*Language Policy*, Vol. 7, No. 3. (2008), pp. 217-235.
by Deborah Palmer <>, Anissa
 *Alexandre Duchêne and Monica Heller (eds): Discourses of Endangerment:
Ideology and Interest in the Defence of
*Language Policy*
by Kristine Horner <>
 *John Myhill: Language, Religion and National Identity in Europe and the
Middle East (Discourse Approaches to Society and
*Language Policy*
by Erez Levon <>
 *Margo Gottlieb and Diep Nguyen, Assessment and Accountability in Language
Education Programs* <>
*Language Policy*, Vol. 7, No. 3. (2008), pp. 301-303.
by F Walters <>
 *Rethinking diversity and difference in French language
*Language Policy*, Vol. 7, No. 4. (1 December 2008), pp. 309-322.
by Adam Le Nevez <>
 *Tope Omoniyi and Joshua A. Fishman: Explorations in the Sociology of
Language and Religion* <>
*Language Policy*
by Dawn Marley <>

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