Hong Kong: Language policy to be tabled mid-Jan

Harold Schiffman hfsclpp at gmail.com
Thu Dec 25 18:19:43 UTC 2008

Language policy to be tabled mid-Jan

The proposal on fine-tuning the medium of instruction policy for
junior secondary level will be presented to the Legislative Council's
Education Panel meeting in mid-January, the Education Bureau said

Once the details are finalised they will be implemented in the 2010-11
school year.

The bureau said there has been a general consensus among the majority
of the stakeholders over the need to change the rigid arrangement
under the existing policy, so students will be given more exposure to
Chinese and English to achieve the goal of proficiency in both

The bureau said it is arbitrary to say at this stage the fine-tuning
proposal will not be implemented.

It said it aims to give schools more flexibility and room for
development to make professional decisions on school-based medium of
instruction arrangements to ensure smooth transition for students to
senior and post-secondary education, which is normally conducted in

The bureau will continue discussions with stakeholders on the
implementation details.

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