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Here is a link to the language policy page at the National Capital Language
Resource Center:

It lists current and pending legislation on language resource centers,
funding, critical languages, and more, such as:

"Prior to the recess, the House Committee on Education and Labor marked up
its version of the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act (H.R. 4137 –
College Opportunity and Affordability Act of 2007).  Highlights of the
Committee's reauthorization bill include:

   - Using a broad definition of "critical foreign language" in Title I

   - Including foreign languages in 3 grant programs in Title II: Teacher
   Quality Partnership Grants, Recruiting Teachers with Math, Science, or
   Language Majors, Community Colleges as Partners in Teacher Education Grants

   - Integrating Foreign Language Specialists in areas of National Need
   in Title IV
   - Creating a new office/position in the Department of Education for an
   Assistant Secretary for International and Foreign Language Education
   - Creating two new programs introduced by Rep. Rush Holt: Preparing
   for Early Foreign Language Instruction and Science and Technology Advanced
   Foreign Language Education Grant Program

Within Title VI:

   - Authorizing new activities for grant funds of National Resource
   Centers: instructors of less commonly taught languages and projects that
   promote use of science and technology in coordination with foreign language
   proficiency, strengthening outreach to SEAs and LEAs
   - Reinstating the eligibility of undergraduates for FLAS fellowships

   - Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language program is
   amended to allow up to 10% of grant fund to be used toward programs which
   promote language proficiency and cultural knowledge in study abroad
   - Adding provisions to include systematic data collection, analysis,
   and dissemination
   - An amendment to create an International Higher Education Advisory
   Board was defeated.

For a more comprehensive look at this legislation, please visit this
and download this PDF

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