Spain: British immigrants just won't mix

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Fri Jan 4 20:55:04 UTC 2008

Ysgrifennodd Stan & Sandy Anonby 04/01/08 5:13 pm:
> Hi Chris!
> True. Do you think the French and English mixed with locals at 
> basically the same rates?

I’ve never thought about it and it’s rather too broad of a 
generalisation for my taste. The commercial strategies of the 
North-West Company (French) and the Hudson’s Bay Company (English) were 
very different. The NWC employees typically travelled in small trading 
parties and set up many small posts near Native populations. The HBC 
usually built big factories to which the Native fur traders would have 
to visit on their own. Certainly many HBC workers had Native spouses.

These economic models may explain perceptions of which nationality 
“mixed” more. Culturally, there are several mixed languages, variously 
based on Cree, Ojibway, French, and Scots. The Metis music is certainly 
Scottish-derived, regardless of the language.

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