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English for a shrinking world

Beyond the language barrier, it is often said that Japanese students,
accustomed to a passive learning style, find it difficult to get
involved in Western-style classes where positive interaction is
expected when they go to study overseas. "Our real focus here will be
developing academic skills--interaction in the classroom, handling
more difficult academic tasks, critical thinking," William Gaskill,
director of International Programs and the American Language Center
(ALC) of UCLA Extension, said in an interview with The Daily Yomiuri
when he visited here in December. Gaskill was in Tokyo in connection
with plans to open UCLA Extension's Academic English Program here in
April. The program targets high school students and graduates who wish
to go to U.S. universities or those who want to gain proficiency in
English for the TOEIC and TOEFL tests. He said the program would be
challenging but would provide good classes where teachers and students
analyze what they read and do some serious essay writing and

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