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Language in Society Vol 37, No 1 (2008)Date: 21-Jan-2008From: Daniel Davies <>Subject: Language in Society Vol 37, No 1 (2008)
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Journal Title: Language in SocietyVolume Number: 37Issue Number: 1Issue Date: 2008

Referent-wrecking in Korowai: A New Guinea abuse register asethnosemiotic protestRupert Stasch
Louise J. Ravelli and Robert A. Ellis (eds.), Analysing academic writing:Contextual frameworksRodica Albu
Andrew Cowell and Alonzo Moss, Sr. (eds.), Arapaho historical traditions told byPaul MossEirlys E. Davies
Mark R. V. Southern, Contagious couplings: Transmission of expressives inYiddish echo phrasesEirlys E. Davies
Anna Fenyvesi (ed.), Hungarian language contact outside Hungary: Studies onHungarian as a minority languageJulia Deák
C. Paulin (ed.), Multiculturalisme, multilinguisme et milieu urbainSylvie Roy
Valerie E. Besag, Understanding girls' friendships, fights and feuds: Apractical approach to girls' bullyingEduardo de Gregorio-Godeo
Ruth Mace, Clare J. Holden and Stephen Shennan (eds.), The evolution of culturaldiversity: A phylogenetic approachAnthony Grant
Elisabeth Le, The spiral 'anti-Other rhetoric': Discourses of identity and theinternational media echoAleksandar Čarapić
Publications Received (Through 1 September 2007)Richard Hogg and David Denison (eds.), A history of the English languageAhmad M. Saidat
Editor's NoteBarbara Johnstone
Language testing and citizenship: A language ideological debate in SwedenTommaso Milani
"To all the former cats and stomps of the Navajo Nation:" Performance, theindividual, and cultural poetic traditionsAnthony Webster
Scientizing Bangladeshi psychiatry: Parallelism, enregisterment, and the curefor a magic complexJames Wilce
Aneta Pavlenko, Emotions and MultilingualismClaire Kramsch
Judith Felson Duchan and Dana Kovarsky (eds.), Diagnosis as cultural practiceEllen Barton
Bernard Spolsky, Language policyRichard B. Baldauf, Minglin Li
Karen Risager, Language and culture: Global flows and local complexityNeeta Bhasin
Dagmar Dueber, Nigerian Pidgin English: Language contact, variation and changein an African urban settingShelome Gooden-France
Markku Filppula, Juhani Klemola, Marjatta Palander, and Esa Penttilä (eds.),Dialects across bordersMatthew J. Gordon
Ken Hyland, Metadiscourse: Exploring interaction in writingGeoff Thompson
Joseph A. Foley (ed.), Language, education and discourse: Functional approachesMary Schleppegrell
Albert Valdman, Julie Auger, and Deborah Piston-Hatlen (eds.), Le Français enAmérique du Nord: État présentAnthony Lodge
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