Japan sets up expert panel to formulate policy on ethnic Ainu

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  Japan sets up expert panel to formulate policy on ethnic Ainu
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    TOKYO, July 1 (Xinhua) -- The Japanese government set up an expert panel
Tuesday to formulate policy on the ethnic Ainu people.     At a press
conference, Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura said that the expert
panel is composed of eight members, including Hokkaido Governor Harumi
Takahashi and Tadashi Kato, an ethnic Ainu and executive director of the
Ainu Association of Hokkaido.

    The panel is expected to convene its first meeting in early August and
draw up a recommendation in about a year, said Machimura.     The move came
after a resolution passed Japan's two-chamber Diet on June 6, recognizing
the Ainu as an "indigenous people.      The resolution called on the
government to recognize the ethnic Ainu as indigenous people with a unique
language, religion and culture and urged the authorities to improve the
social status of the Ainu as Japan's past assimilation policy rendered them
underprivileged and discriminated against in the modernization process.


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