EBLUL to hold PfD 2008 in Gda ńsk, Poland

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- Brussel, Friday, 06 June 2008 by Davyth Hicks     EBLUL will hold PfD
2008, the Partnership for Diversity, in Gdańsk, Poland from 11th to 13th

This year's forum topic will be 'Language Policy and the Regions in Europe'.
It is the first in the PfD series to take place in a new EU member state.
Gdańsk is the capital of the Province of Pomerania, home to the Kashubs, who
during the last two decades have achieved impressive results in upgrading
the position of their language, both in the field of language corpus and
status planning. It is the nature of  regional policy and its influence
upon, and correlation with, EU language policy and language planning, that
has been chosen as the leading topic of this PfD.

EBLUL are pleased to acknowledge the kind cooperation of the Autonomous
Government of the Province of Pomerania and the Kashubian-Pomeranian

Conference and registration details can be found on the conference
website<http://www.wrotapomorza.pl/pl/pfd/eng>(Eurolang 2008)

PfD 2008 http://www.wrotapomorza.pl/pl/pfd/eng

EBLUL  www.eblul.org


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