China in Tibet: Cultural Genocide?

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Sat Jul 5 14:25:53 UTC 2008

Cultural Genocide?
July 4, 2008

Is the Dalai Lama justified in his claim of Cultural Genocide in
Tibet? This 'faceless' trio, with the expressed urging and
encouragement of Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao, have been devising and
implementing a meticulously planned attack on Tibet, Tibetans and
their identity and culture. Wang Lequan, Li Dezhu and Zhang Qingli
have systematically implemented policies which are designed to pave
the way for, an even bigger than to date, mass Han Chinese migration,
and wipe out Tibetan identity once and for all.
And with it of course, the desire of a distinct people to be free, and
their legitimate demand for genuine Autonomy and Independence.
To quote Li Dezhu: "The Problem with minorities will definitively be
solved by mass Han Chinese migration once and for all".

China's "Final Solution" for Tibetans!

Dezhu has been behind the official policy of "abandoning the
preservation of ethnic identities" and to ruthlessly eradicate any
vestiges of culture and ethnicity with which ethnic minorities could
identify with. He is also behind the policy labelled "Destroying
ethnic cultures and disintegrating religious minorities through the
promotion of materialism".

Zhang Qingli, protégé of Hu Jintao and Bovver Boy for the CCP in Tibet
has ruthlessly attacked the Tibetan culture and identity by
introducing policies to "change man" and to refashion them, in the
truly archaic, Maoist doctrine mould.He reinforced "patriotic
education", which is code for the repetition by rote of the CCP's
doctrine of "Love for the Chinese Motherland", and denouncing the
Dalai Lama and anything Tibetan. These gruelling sessions have to be
endured for over half the available time, up to 20 days per month for
monks. To quote this guy: "For China the Tibetans are children which
must be indoctrinated with the love for China…… The real Buddha for
Tibetans is the Central Party Committee."

Wang Lequan has ample experience in eradicating the Uyghur identity
and to dilute and wipe them out through his ruthless policies:
The deportation of hundreds of thousands of young girls of
marriageable age, 16 to 23, to east coast factories to prevent 'ethnic
breeding'. The outlawing of the Uyghur language in schools and a
forced mass migration of Han Chinese into the Uyghur territory to
dilute and destroy their identity once and for all. He since has
turned his "skills" in cultural genocide to Tibet with intensified
vigour and brutality and extended these policies.

These policies have robbed the Tibetans of their basis for cultural
identity; the loss of their language in school, commerce, in dealings
with authority, news, and even entertainment. They have lost the right
to the free practising of their beloved religion, the adherence to the
Tibetan way of life, their once sacred, pristine environment, and
their confidence as a people, for they're truly treated as third class
citizens in their own country under Han Chinese occupation.

>>From here it is a small step to the complete eradication of a once
unique and proud, contented and confident people through the
marginalisation by mass migration, which would render them an
insignificant minority. A minority that can be completely overlooked
and ignored, for the Han Chinese hold all the power; economic,
military, financial and political. The Han Chinese "reasoning" goes,
that once Tibetans no longer exist as a distinct people, and their
land is settled with a majority of Han Chinese, China will have
"legitimised" their illegal occupation and annexation of Tibet.

The looting and pillaging of natural resources of Tibet of course has
long since escalated into a feeding frenzy.
With no environmental controls or regulations to speak of, Han Chinese
are stripping the land bare of forests, minerals, gold and anything of
value with all of it shipped east back to the China.

Tibetans have an innate desire to follow their customs and traditions,
to be left alone and to self determination.
Independence is a dream that will never die, but with China's complete
intransigence and puerile obstinacy, pragmatism would dictate that the
least they could hope for is some form of Autonomy within China. An
autonomy which was signed by China as part of the '17 Point
Agreement', and which is enshrined in the Chinese Constitution.
However talk, and paper, is cheap, and it is unlikely that this
leopard will ever change its spots.

There shouldn't be any delusion that China has any honourable
intentions in Tibet, or is even sincere with the talks now being held.
The 'stakes' are far too high for the Han Chinese Communists; Tibet is
a prize they'll never let go without a huge fight.

Militarily highly strategic
Vast, sparsely populated land mass
Huge natural resources
Source of vital river systems

Though anachronistic, China is, and has always been an imperialistic
power; a power without a conscience.The invention of the 'Nation of a
family of 56 ethnic groups' is a grotesque fantasy, that has always
been just a smokescreen to masquerade Han Chinese imperialism, and the
forceful subjugation of all the other, hapless minorities!

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