New LMRI policy report--Resource Needs for English Learners: Getting Down to Policy Recommendations

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Is it possible to obtain a link to the full report? It was missing  
from the post.

Thanks very much!

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> Resource Needs for English Learners: Getting Down to Policy  
> Recommendations
> by Patricia Gandara, Julie Maxwell-Jolly, and Russell Rumberger
> In 2006, California's Governor and Legislature commissioned a set of
> 24 academic research papers to examine the educational governance and
> finance systems of the state. The studies, collectively referred to as
> Getting Down to Facts, were intended to form a basis for engaging
> stakeholders in deep conversations about possible education policy
> alternatives.
> This Policy Report is an extension of one of those original 24 papers,
> and is the result of deliberations from several informal meetings and
> two formal convenings of major stakeholders in the area of English
> learner education. Based on data examined in the initial report, it
> suggests a series of policy options the state should consider to
> strengthen the educational offerings and outcomes for California's
> burgeoning population of linguistic minority students.
> More--Full report >>
> More--Newsletter story >>
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