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AILA 2008 Sessions

Language Policy is an important theme of the AILA 2008 Conference in Essen.
Two symposia are sponsored by the Research Network, one on Wednesday morning
and the second on Thursday afternoon. The finalized program details follow.
 The opening plenary is also relevant, and a number of papers and poster
sessions are marked at LPOL (these are copied from the on-line program and
need to be checked in the final program.

Please note that the business meeting of the Research Network, as which a
new coordinator will be elected, will take place at the end of the Wednesday

*A.    **Plenary session*

*Sunday  16:00 Opening Keynote*

*Neville Alexander (South Africa): *

*"Evolving African approaches to the management of linguistic diversity" *

*B.     **Symposia sponsored by the Network*

*Wednesday 9:00-12:00*

"Conflicts and compromises in studying language policy" In Essen CCE Ost (*Note
that this symposium appears on the special program for Wednesday morning.)*

Organizers Bernard Spolsky and Elana Shohamy

1. Kerry Taylor-Leech Macquarie University, "An impartial observer or a
passionate advocate? Challenges for language policy scholars in Timor-Leste"

2. Durk Gorter Fryske Akademy & Universiteit van Amsterdam "Taking sides on
Frisian: academic, advisor and activist"* *

3. William G. Eggington Brigham Young University <wegg at byu.edu>

"Going public:  Opposing language restrictionist policies in the U.S."

4. Gabrielle Hogan-Brun University of Bristol  "The importance of context in
language policy work"

5. Research Network business meeting.

*Thursday 16:00 to 19:00*

"Social responsibilities of linguists for language policy" In CCE
Deutschland Sud (*This symposium appears on the regular symposium program)*

Organizers: Bernard Spolsky

1. Richard B. Baldauf, Jr. University of Queensland  "Agency and social
responsibility in language policy"

2. Kanavillil Rajagopalan State University at Campinas (UNICAMP) "Language
policy debates and the role of the linguist—a Brazilian experience"

3. Alastair G.H. Walker Universität Kiel  "Possibilities and limitations of
working with a linguistic minority: North Frisia."

4. Kathleen Heugh University of South Australia  "Dilemmas of boundary and
ethics in policy research"

*In other symposia *

*Monday 9:00-12:00 in REN Africa*

Abdelhay, Ashraf Naivasha: Language Policy and the politics of linguistic
indigenousness in Sudan:

*C.     Papers marked as LPOL*

*Monday 9-9:30*

East, Martin Promoting multilingualism beyond Europe: Challenges and
opportunities for New Zealand

Motobayashi, Kyoko: Kokugo, Nihongo, and Eigo: Japan between the symbolic
West and the symbolic East

*Monday 9:40-10:10*

Brogden, Lace:  Marie Bilingualism & subjectivity: Towards exogamous
conceptions of (Canadian) citizenship

Sarasola, Kepa; Aldezabal, Izaskun;  Alegrίa, Iñaki; Arriola, Jose Maria;
Diaz de Ilarraza, Arantza; Lersundi,Mikel: Language Technology is an
effective tool to promote use of Basque

*Monday 10:30-11:00*

Kachiwanda, Stella Olivia: Current trends in language choice and use in
present day Malawi: Challenges and opportunities

*Tuesday 9:10-9:40*

Machado Maher, Terezinha: Searching for the lost language: language policy
and the identity of indigenous*…*

Martinez, Glenn:  Also available in Spanish: Pharamceutical advertising and
language planning for healthcare in the US

*Tuesday 10:10-10:40*

Cabau-Lampa, Beatrice: The new Swedish language policy: A missed opportunity
for second foreign language teaching?

Uflacker, Cristina; Jung, NeivaMaria; Corrêa Ferreira, Luciane; Roquele
Schoffen, Juliana: A reflection on the linguistic situation of the
German-Brazilian communities

Yamakawa, Tomoko: Non-English foreign language learning in Japan's upper
secondary education

*Tuesday 10:50-11:20*

Petersen, Margrethe: Is ERASMUS furthering multilingualism? The case of
non-language exchange students in Scandinavia

Engelberg, Stefan: German language politics and language attitudes in the
former German colonies in the South Pacific

Lamb, Terry & Odé, Cecilia: Influencing policy: the role of language
teaching associations in language policy development

*Tuesday 14:30-15:00*

Papakyriakou, Antroulla: European language policy and the case of Cyprus

*Thursday 9:10-9:40*

Hussin, Habsah Binti: English in Higher Education in Malaysia: Policy for
global needs

Filipovic, Jelena; Djuric, Ljiljana; Vuco, Julijana: Plurilingual and
pluricultural language education policies in a country in transition

Flubacher, Mi-Cha; Studer, Patrick;  Kreiselmaier, Felicia: Language policy
and planning in politically different multilingual settings: Results &

*Thursday, 10:10-10:40*

Lorente, Beatriz P. Migration and language policy: A view from a
labor-sending country

Liiv, Suliko:  Encouraging multilingualism in new multicultural Europe

Sayers, Dave:  Standardising diversity: Paradoxes in the European Charter
for Regional & Minority Languages (ECRML)

*Friday 8:30-9:00*

Ferguson, Gibson: The role of English as an international language of
scientific communication: Questions equity and access

*Friday 9:10-9:40*

Flowerdew, John:  Stigma and scholarly publication in English

*Friday 10:10-10-40*

Rubdy, Rani & Gurthu, Madhu: Introducing English at primary one in India: A
pedagogy of (im)possibilities?

Kamwangamalu, Nkonko M. Reflections on a language policy's balance sheet:
The case of South Africa

*Poster sessions marked as LPOL*

*Thursday 10.10-10.40 and 15.10-15.40*

Owhotu, Victor B.: Towards a common policy framework of reference for
multilingual education in the economic community of west African states

Schanze, Livia Sophie:  Discourses around recent German migration policies

Bernard Spolsky bspolsky at gmail.com


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