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We include a brief summary of the latest articles published on Eurolang.
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par la présente nous vous envoyons de brefs résumés d'articles publiés sur

 'Regional' languages recognised as 'part of France's heritage'
 The clause that "Regional languages are part of France's heritage" will be
included in Article 75 of France's Constitution following a vote in the
Senate yesterday. The Senate's decision followed a second vote last week in
the National Assembly calling for the introduction of the clause. The move
has been given a qualified welcome by 'regional' language supporters, with
the NGO EBLUL calling for France to go the extra mile and ratify the
European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages.

 Welsh gains new status in EU

 The use of Welsh on the international stage took a major step forward last
week following a decision by the European Union Council of Ministers. They
have decided that in future, Ministers will be able to speak in Welsh when
representing the UK at the Council of Ministers and have their words
translated simultaneously. Citizens will also be able to write in Welsh to
office holders at the Council.
 Basque Government passes decree to increase the use of Euskara in shops

Last Wednesday, the Spanish Basque government passed a decree to increase
the use of Euskara in shops.
 EBLUL to hold PfD 2008 in Gdańsk, Poland

EBLUL will hold PfD 2008, the Partnership for Diversity, in Gdańsk, Poland
from 11th to 13th September.
Demonstration and music festival for Breton culture, Saturday 20th
September, Nantes, Brittany.
 Council of Europe Conference on the 10th anniversary of the European
Charter for Regional or Minority Languages
17th October, Luleå, Sweden. Held in conjunction with the Liet Lavlut song
contest http://www.liet-lavlut.eu/

 The 12th Conference of the Foundation for Endangered Languages (FEL)
"Endangered Languages and Language Learning," 24–27 September,
Ljouwert/Leeuwarden, Fryslan.
 Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We thank you
for your interest in Eurolang.
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remercie pour votre intérêt.
 Bonne vacances -  dy'goelyow da.

 Dr. Davyth Hicks
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