Arizona: Hearing scheduled on English education

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The Arizona Republic

Hearing scheduled on English education

A federal judge in Phoenix has scheduled a wide-ranging November
hearing on the adequacy and funding of Arizona's programs for
educating students who are learning English. In the meantime, U.S.
District Judge Raner C. Collins on Friday left intact a state mandate
that school districts begin using a new instructional model that many
districts contend is inadequately funded. The broad scope of the
10-day hearing in Tucson ordered by Collins is a win for lawyers for
plaintiffs in the case, a class-action lawsuit on English Language
Learning Programs for approximately 135,000 students. Republican
legislative leaders argued that most issues in the case, including
changes made in response to previous court orders, have been resolved
already. Collins agreed with the plaintiffs that he should consider a
range of funding issues as well as whether the state satisfied a
comprehensive order issued in 2000 by the previous judge in the case,
originally filed in 1992. However, the plaintiffs' lawyers didn't get
everything they wanted.

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