Texas: Bilingual ruling on education both praised and criticized

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Houston Chronicle

Bilingual ruling on education both praised and criticized

Rights advocate says it offers hope; state officials consider appeal

federal judge's ruling that Texas is not living up to its obligation to
properly educate students who struggle with the English language gives hope
to many of those children with dismal academic achievement, a civil rights
lawyer said Monday. The state of Texas is not complying with the federal
Equal Education Opportunity Act, in that public schools are failing their
obligation to overcome language barriers, Senior U.S. District Judge William
Wayne Justice said in a 95-page ruling on Friday. "The failure of secondary
(limited English proficient) students under every metric clearly and
convincingly demonstrates student failure, and accordingly, the failure of
the (English as a Second Language) secondary program in Texas," Justice
wrote in the opinion, which reversed his 2007 ruling in the case.

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