Malaysia: Don't revert to old system

Harold Schiffman hfsclpp at
Mon Jun 2 12:33:41 UTC 2008

Don't revert to old system

SINCE I started studying overseas, I get my weekly dose of Malaysian
news from The Star and, more specifically, StarEducation. I would like
to voice my concerns on the issue of reverting the teaching of Maths
and Science from English to Bahasa Malaysia.After skimming through
some of the letters sent in by parents who are in favour of continuing
with the policy of teaching Maths and Science in English, I feel
compelled to agree with them.

Since the move to teach both subjects was introduced five years ago,
schoolchildren have benefitted. This policy must stay for the sake of
our children and future generations of Malaysians. I say this not
because I am pro-English but because the policy was implemented for a
very valid reason.
In this day and age, English language is not just simply the lingua
franca of the world – it is also the most widely used language of
learning, especially in fields like the sciences, maths, medicine and
information technology, especially on the international arena. With
Maths and Science taught in English, Malaysian students will be better
able to compete better on an international footing should they decide
to go overseas and pursue tertiary education in other countries.

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