Book notice: Language Endangerment and Endangered Languages

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Language Endangerment and Endangered Languages: Linguistic and
Anthropological Studies with Special Emphasis on the Languages and
Cultures of the Andean-Amazonian Border Area

Series Title: Indigenous Languages of Latin America (ILLA), vol 5
Published: 2007
Publisher: CNWS Publications

Book URL:

Author: W. Leo Wetzels

The first part, Language Endangerment and Endangered Languages, deals with
issues related to language endangerment and the problems linguists and
other researchers encounter when documenting these languages, both in
general terms and with an eye on the Andean/Amazonian situation.

The second part, Specific Studies: Languages and Cultures of the
Andean-Amazonian Border Area, contains three sections. The first deals with
topics that relate to the Maku peoples and languages of Brazil (Eastern
Maku) and Colombia (Western Maku). The second section features papers that
address anthropological and grammatical issues concerning the Nambikwara
peoples and languages (Brazil). The third section discusses various other
languages in the Andean / Amazonian border area.

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