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Dear Harold,
"kruzitürken" is a rather mild and somewhat archaic curseword, acognate to "kruzi", "kruzifix", Czech "krucinál" and so forth. Inormally associate it with the dialect of Vienna, but I can imagineit's used in other Upper German dialects as well. In Avui, it wastranslated as "redéu", which sounds about right.The cartoon seems to be a referrence to the low status of Germandialects to which Catalan is compared, the bottom line being that justlike Bavarian, Catalan is nothing but a insignificant dialect used bysome backwards villagers. This would go nicely with Mr. Hunod'scomment about the "return of the medieval ministates", though I see itas an insult to both Bavarians and Catalonians.
On Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 5:42 PM, Harold Schiffman <hfsclpp at> wrote:> In the previous message about Air Berlin's refusal to use Catalan on routes> to areas> where Catalan is official, there was a cartoon that failed to make it into> the message.>>> The text accompanying this is full of ethno-linguistic  stereotypes.  As far> as I understand it,> it says (in dialect) "If they come here to Bavaria, the Pig-Prussian> [SauPreisischen] Catalans> better speak Bavarian."  The next word is not legible to me, but I think it> contains> the word "Turks".  The image shows a red-faced man in Lederhosen, mountains> in the background, slamming his fist down on the table so hard that his hat> flies off and he spills his beer.>> Anybody have any comments on this?  I'm not sure what a Bavarian is doing in> a> cartoon about Air Berlin and Catalan, but perhaps there's a subtext I am too> culturally insensitive to pick up on.>> HS>>>> **************************************> N.b.: Listing !
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