Philippines: Legislators push English as medium of instruction

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Legislators push English as medium of instruction

Despite a number of studies confirming that learning is faster using
the native language, government officials are still pushing for the
adoption of English as a medium on instruction (MOI) in Philippine
schools. A check on the bills filed in the 14th Congress shows that
there are three bills-House Bills 230, 305, 406-seeking for either the
re-instatement or enhancement of the use of English as a medium of
instruction. The three bills propose the use of English, Filipino or
the regional languages as MOI in all subjects from pre-school to Grade
II. They prescribe the use of English for all academic subjects from
Grade III up to the secondary level. Proponents of these bills claim
that the decline in the English proficiency of the Filipinos and the
deterioration of the quality of the education have eroded the
competitiveness of the Filipinos.

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