Hebrew Charter Schools: Part of the Solution to the Education Crisis?

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Hebrew Charter Schools: Part of the Solution to the Education Crisis?

Charter schools in US are emerging as private school-like government
funded alternative to private Jewish education In the UK, where I was
brought up and worked as a rabbi for a number of years, Jewish
education is straightforward. One of the largest government-funded
high schools in the UK is Jewish and there are well over twenty
government-funded Jewish primary schools in London alone. So for many
parents the question is not whether to send their children to a Jewish
school, but which Jewish school they should send them to. In addition,
because the government funds faith schools, the cost of sending a
child to a Jewish school is not a consideration.

In the United States it is another story altogether. Because of the
separation of Church and State enshrined into the Constitution, the
government is not allowed to fund a single faith school. All Jewish
schools must be privately funded from tuition paid by parents or by
fundraising efforts. Many parents either cannot afford to send their
children to a Jewish day school at all or it just does not make the
priority list for their after-tax dollars. The result is that most
Jewish children do not get a decent Jewish education, Jewish identity
suffers and assimilation grows.

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