South Africa: Education help for blind and deaf adults

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Education help for blind and deaf adults

A PROGRAMME to assist millions of hearing and visually impaired adult
students will be rolled out in the province soon.

Designed especially for deaf and blind adult pupils, the programme
will be launched in East London on Tuesday as part of a national
roll-out by Adult Basic Education and Training Programme (Abet)
specialists Media Works.

This programme is expected to give about two million South Africans
living with these disabilities a new lease of life.

"The programme hopes to help (those affected) who tend to battle with
integration into society and to obtain skills and jobs," said Media
Works' Ramsay McCaull.

"Our national policy calls for inclusive education which caters for
all adult learners, but often Abet programmes, due to their design,
cannot cater for the specific needs of deaf, blind and
partially-sighted learners."

The training programme combines in-class computer-based teaching with
homework using similar manuals as those used in classrooms.

Adele Korff, also of Media Works, said the teaching would include
braille books for the blind and recorded lessons and computers using
sign language for the deaf.

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