'Why Nigeria Has Not Developed'

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'Why Nigeria Has Not Developed'

Elder statesman, Chief Anthony Enahoro, has identified inability of
Nigerians to appreciate their cultural heritage as one of the factors
that is slowing down the  national development. According to him,
Nigeria is endowed with dynamic culture, but a lot are yet to tap from
the existing wide range of knowledge and until this is done, the
nation will remain a cripple. Enahoro said this in Lagos, at  the
presentation of two books, "The Futility of the Land use Decree and
The case for a peaceful and Friendly Dissolution,"  by Adedapo
Adeniran. He said Nigerians should stop imitating the white man,
noting that there cannot be success in self government until citizens
learn to speak their local languages without fear or prejudice.

"We are speaking foreign language which is the language of our former
masters. How can we talk about self government when  we still speak
another man's language? We are still putting ourselves in bondage as
long as we do this," he said, and called on parents to impart
Nigerians languages on their children and make sure this is replaced
with  foreign languages.

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