EU referendum: A bilingual and very Irish solution

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Sun Jun 15 13:21:31 UTC 2008

EU referendum: A bilingual and very Irish solution

Posted by Gerald Warner on 14 Jun 2008  at 19:13

This blog, which has access to a highly-placed cleaning lady at EU
headquarters in Brussels, is privileged to publish in advance the
likely compromise that will be the European Commission's response to
the Irish crisis. Clearly, Ireland must vote again. But that invites
the possibility of a second rebuff. So here is the solution, neat and

Because of the Irish government's dual language policy, referendum
ballot papers have printed boxes with the response in both Irish and
English. One box reads: "Ta/Yes", the other "Nil/No". That is
cluttered and confusing. So, in a re-run referendum, one box will
simply say "Ta", the other "Yes". While offering citizens a clear
choice, that will eliminate the possibility of another rejection. EU
officials are rumoured to be seriously considering this solution,
which would reliably result in the Irish electorate endorsing the
revisited Lisbon Treaty with a heartfelt "Ta, yes."

Remember, you read it here first.

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