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Announcing a new book: Can Schools Save Indigenous Languages? Policy and
Practice on Four Continents, edited by Nancy Hornberger (Palgrave

This book offers a close look at cases of Indigenous language
revitalization: Mäori in Aotearoa/New Zealand, Sámi in the Nordic countries,
Hñähñö in Mexico, and Indigenous languages in Latin America and the USA.
Contributions by experts from each case are in turn discussed in
international perspective by four counterpart experts.

Starting from the premise that Indigenous language revitalization is worth
doing, the focus here is on HOW to do it and the role of schools in that
endeavor.  While schools alone are insufficient to do the job, in tandem
with other social institutions, schools can be a strategic resources.  The
authors advocate for the rights of Indigenous peoples to exercise both voice
and choice in determining their own Indigenous language revitalization and
education processes.

Content and authors include:

Introduction by Nancy H. Hornberger
"'Out on the Fells, I Feel Like a Sámi'--Is There Linguistic and Cultural
Quality in the Sámi School?" by Vuokko Hirvonen
"Top-down and Bottom-up: Counterpoised Visions of Bilingual Intercultural
Education in Latin America" by Luis Enrique López
"Mäori-medium Education: Current Issues and Challenges" by Stephen May and
Richard Hill
"Learning with Differences: Strengthening Hñähñö and Bilingual Teaching in
an Elementary School in Mexico City" by Nicanor Rebolledo Recendiz
"Revitalization through Indigenous Education: A Forlorn Hope?" by Leena Huss
"Commentary from an African and International Perspective" by Nkonko M.
"Riding the Tiger" by Bernard Spolsky
"Schools as Strategic Tools for Indigenous Language Revitalization: Lessons
from Native America" by Teresa L. McCarty

256 pp. /ISBN 0-230-01332-5/ $74.95
Available from Palgrave Macmillian:
PH - (888)330-8477
FAX - (800)672-2054

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