Namibia: Bilingual Or Multilingual Education

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      Bilingual Or Multilingual Education

New Era (Windhoek)

28 May 2008
Posted to the web 28 May 2008

By Chief Ankama

It is not only me who is puzzled I realized, but there are other
people with similar questions on what happens in the mind of the
bi/multilingual speaker. It is for such reasons that there is quest
for information related to bilingual and multilingual knowledge and
the influence thereof. Information from bilingual education programs
researched by Cummins (1996, p. 123) suggest that "(a) bilingualism
and biliteracy should be promoted as central educational goal for all
students and (b), that bilingual instruction should place a strong
emphasis on developing literacy in the minority language" (argued from
a perspective of a minority language context).

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