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History of Multicultural Education
Policy and Policy Initiatives
Edited by Carl A Grant, Thandeka K Chapman

List Price: $135.00

ISBN: 978-0-8058-5445-9
Binding: Hardback
Published by: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
Publication Date: 06/25/2008
Pages: 248

About the Book

This benchmark 6-volume set documents, analyzes, and critiques a
comprehensive body of research on the history of multicultural
education in the U.S. By collecting and providing a framework for key
publications spanning the past thirty-forty years, these volumes
provide a means of understanding and visualizing the development,
implementation, and interpretation of multicultural education in
American society.

These volumes do not promote any one scholar's or group's vision of
multicultural education, but include conflicting ideals that inform
multiple interpretations. Each volume contains archival documents
organized around a specific theme:

Volume 1: Conceptual Frameworks and Curricular Content

Volume 2: Foundations and Stratifications

Volume 3: Instruction and Assessment

Volume 4: Policy and Governance

Volume 5: Students and Student Learning

Volume 6: Teachers and Teacher Education

The historical time line within each volume illustrates the
progression of research and theory on each theme and encourages
readers to reflect on the changes in language and thinking concerning
educational scholarship in that area. Readers will also see how
language, pedagogical issues, and policy reforms have been
constructed, assimilated, and mutated over the highlighted period of

Exploring the tenets of the field and examining the individuals whose
work has contributed significantly to equity and social justice for
all citizens, this landmark set illuminates the historical importance,
current relevance, and future implications of multicultural education.

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