Fiji: FTU Hopeful Of Policy Implementation

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Thu Jun 26 13:37:40 UTC 2008

FTU Hopeful Of Policy Implementation
Publish date/time: 26/06/2008 [10:56]

The Fiji Teachers Union hopes that the Education Ministry implements
the Tri Lingual Language Policy with all the resources.
General Secretary Agni Deo Singh said they had always wanted all the
consecutive governments to make the teaching of the two major
vernacular's compulsory in school adding that learning one's language
helps in understanding one's ways of life and brings people together.
Singh added that there were attempts made by previous governments to
implement this program without proper resources.

Meanwhile, Fijian Teachers Association's General Secretary Maika
Namudu said the Tri Lingual Language Policy will never bring about any
changes and they still maintain that the Fijian language should be
made compulsory for Fijians in all schools. Interim Education
Minister, Filipe Bole yesterday briefed cabinet on the implementation
progress adding 256 schools in the Central Division are trialing the
conversational Fijian and Hindi vernacular program. Bole believes that
the tri lingual policy will be for peaceful, multi-ethnic and
multi-cultural living in Fiji. The beneficiaries of this program are
those students who cannot speak Fijian or Hindi.
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