Pew Hispanic Center study: ESOL students' grades reflect schools

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Study: ESOL  students' grades reflect schools

Florida students whose native language isn't English and typically
make low test scores can't always control their performance, a
national study group said this week.

The schools where they learn are low-achieving compared to those of
majority white and black students. Their schools typically are in
central cities, have high student-to-teacher ratios and more students
whose families are at or near the poverty level, the Pew Hispanic
Center study said.

"It's not just a reflection of the students, but also the schools that
are educating them," said Rick Fry, senior research associate of the
Washington, D.C.-based think tank.

Manatee County school district officials disagree.

"In Title 1 schools, which are our poorest in Manatee County, our
(English learning) students aren't doing any worse than students in
any of the other schools," said Judy Laurent, district associate
director for federal programs and grants. "In many cases better."

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