Arizona: Motion asks judge to rule that ELL funding is inadequate

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Motion asks judge to rule that ELL funding is inadequate

Arizona is imposing costly mandates on instruction of students learning
English but providing inadequate funding that gives no additional money to
districts that together have more than 75,000 of those students, a court
motion filed Friday said. The motion filed by lawyers for plaintiffs in a
lawsuit challenging the adequacy of English Language Learning programs for
138,000 Arizona students asked a federal judge to order the state to provide
adequate funding and prohibit it from implementing the mandates in the
The class-action lawsuit originally filed in 1982 on behalf of parents and
students in Nogales Unified School District led to court orders that
prompted the Legislature to revamp English Language Learning programs with a
2006 law and to boost state funding by $40.6 million under an appropriation
approved this year.

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