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Documenting and Revitalizing Austronesian Languages: Rau, Florey (Eds)

Series: Language Documentation & Conservation Special Publication No. 1Published: 2007Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press      
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Editor: D. Victoria RauEditor: Margaret FloreyElectronic: ISBN: 9780824833091 Pages: 245Abstract:
Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Introduction: Documenting and revitalizing Austronesian languagesMargaret Florey
Part I. International Capacity Building Initiatives
Chapter 2. The language documentation and conservation initiative at theUniversity of Hawai'i at MānoaKenneth L. Rehg
Chapter 3. Training for language documentation: Experiences at the Schoolof Oriental and African StudiesPeter K. Austin
Chapter 4. SIL International and endangered Austronesian languagesJ. Stephen Quakenbush
Part II. Documentation and Revitalization Activities
Chapter 5. Local autonomy, local capacity building and support for minoritylanguages: Field experiences from IndonesiaI Wayan Arka
Chapter 6. Documenting and revitalizing KavalanFuhui Hsieh and Shuanfan Huang
Chapter 7. E-learning in endangered language documentation and revitalizationD. Victoria Rau and Meng-Chien Yang
Chapter 8. Indigenous language-informed participatory policy in Taiwan: Asocio-political perspectiveYih-Ren Lin, Lahwy Icyeh, and Da-Wei Kuan (Daya)
Chapter 9. Teaching and learning an endangered Austronesian language in TaiwanD. Victoria Rau, Hui-Huan Chang, Yin-Sheng Tai, Zhen-Yi Yang, Yi-Hui Lin,Chia-Chi Yang, and Maa-Neu Dong
Part III. Computational Methods and Tools for Language Documentation
Chapter 10. WeSay, a tool for engaging communities in dictionary buildingEric Albright and John Hatton
Chapter 11. On designing the Formosan multimedia word dictionaries by aparticipatory processMeng-Chien Yang, Hsin-Ta Chou, Huey-Shiuan Guo, and Gia-Pyng Chen
Chapter 12. Annotating texts for language documentation with DiscourseProfiler's metatagging systemPhil Quick **************************************N.b.: Listing on the lgpolicy-list is merely intended as a service toits membersand implies neither approval, confirmation nor agreement by the owneror sponsor ofthe list as to the veracity of a message's contents. Members whodisagree with amessage are encouraged to post a rebuttal. (H. Schiffman, Moderator)*******************************************

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