US: Spanish-language TV News Under the Microscope

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Tue May 13 14:40:18 UTC 2008

Spanish-language TV News Under the Microscope

La Opinion interviewed me for this piece that ran last week. Topic:
Spanish-language TV networks/stations and their news coverage. In my
interview, I argued that for the most part Spanish-language TV
stations do a great job with their news programming, providing major
news coverage of local, regional, national and international events.
And that basic idea came across in the piece published May 1st.
Incidentally, The Washington Post published a major column on the
front of today's Outlook section (the Sunday stand-alone opinion
section) by Joe Mathews, a fellow at the New America Foundation. He
argues that in Los Angeles and other media markets, the best local
news programming is on the Univision and Telemundo stations. The piece
makes the point that the Spanish-dominant viewers of these programs
are therefore better informed. It was terrific placement and I think
much of the argument he makes needs to be heard by the traditional
media and policy makers. Sure, Spanish-language TV stations have not
always done a perfect job meeting FCC requirements for use of the
airwaves, but to ignore the outstanding news reporting that comes from
Spanish-language media would do a disservice.
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