Germany: articles on Turkish immigration and language

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Good articles on Turkish immigration and language
Talks about German language learning requirement and the strain it
places on the Turks:

A short article that I like. I'll just copy it in.

Text of report in English by Turkish news agency Anatolia

BERLIN (A.A) -Younger generations of Turks living in Germany fit in to
the country better than their ancestors, a survey said. "Younger
generations of Turks have become a driving force for the integration
of their wider community," said the survey which was carried out by a
group of education experts. The number of Turkish teens who expressed
eagerness to make German friends and speak the German language as
fluently as Turkish has grown significantly over the period between
2005 and 2007 to mark an increase as high as 67 per cent. "We were
very much surprised by the astonishing changes in the integration
patterns in just two years," said Heinz Reinders, head of the survey

An overwhelming part of Turkish teens between 12 and 17 have begun
talking in German in their own families besides their mother tongues.
In 2005, one-fourth of Turkish teens felt discriminated by Germans and
the ratio dropped to one-fifth in 2007, said the survey, which was
conducted between 2005 and 2007 with 1099 participants in the German
city of Wurzburg.

Credit: Anatolia news agency, Ankara, in English 1123 13 Feb 08


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