Link to UN's PFII Release: Subtractive Lg Education Is a Crime Against Humanity

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Colleagues, I am not sure the attachment "stuck" (probably not allowed by
the listserv, and thanks to Richard Ruiz for calling it to my attention).
Here is the link to this document:

Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues
Seventh session
New York, 21 April -2 May 2008
Items 4 and 7 of the provisional agenda

Expert paper 1
submitted by Lars Anders-Baer. Prepared in cooperation
with Ole Henrik-Magga, Robert Dunbar and Tove Skutnabb-Kangas.
Advance Unedited Version
United Nations
Economic and Social Council
Distr.: General
8 February 2008

Original message:

Please see the attached expert statement commissioned by the UN's Permanent
Forum on Indigenous Issues.   It's a very strong statement, basically
arguing that subtractive education for Indigenous peoples is tantamount to a
crime against humanity and should be sanctioned as such under international
law.  Although the focus is Indigenous peoples, there are clear extensions
to other minoritized groups.

Tove Skutnabb-Kangas, who is one of the coauthors, has urged that this
document be distributed widely.  It will be interesting and important to see
how the PFII and UN Human Rights Council respond to it.

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