TOC: Journal of Language Contact No 2 (2008)

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Journal of Language Contact No 2 (2008)

Publisher: Chaire Dynamique du langage - Institut universitaire de France

Journal Title: Journal of Language Contact
Volume Number:
Issue Number: 2
Issue Date: 2008

Subtitle: Language Contact and the Dynamics of Language / Theory and

Main Text:

The 2nd THEMA issue of the Journal of Language Contact (JLC)
Language Contact and the Dynamics of Language/Theory and Implications

edited / édité
by / par
Robert Nicolaï & Bernard Comrie
has now appeared and can henceforth be downloaded from: .

The complete issue as well as each separate article can be accessed under:
'Issues & Articles' // 'Numéros & Articles'

Table of Contents

JLC general informations

Robert Nicolaï & Bernard Comrie Presentation

Andrée Tabouret-Keller Langues en contact : l'expression contact comme
révélatrice de la dynamique des langues. Persistance et intérêt de la

I. Theoretical Reflexions, Modelings and Syntheses

Carol Myers- Scotton Language Contact: Why Outsider System Morphemes
Resist Transfer

Sarah G. Thomason Social and Linguistic Factors as Predictors of
Contact-Induced Change

Bernd Heine & Tania Kuteva Constraints on Contact-Induced Linguistic Change

Claire Lefebvre Relabelling: A Major Process in Language Contact

Mauro Tosco What to Do when You are Unhappy with Language Areas but You do
not Want to Quit

Donald Winford Processes of Creole Formation and Related Contact-Induced
Language Change

II. Empirical Approaches, Applications and Developments

Malcolm Ross A History of Metatypy in the Bel Languages

Anthony P. Grant Contact-Induced Change and the Openness of 'Closed'
Morphological Systems: Some Cases from Native America

Patrick McConvell Mixed Languages as Outcomes of Code-Switching: Recent
Examples from Australia and Their Implications

Carmen Silva-Corvalán The Limits of Convergence in Language Contact

William J. Samarin Convergence and the Retention of Marked Consonants in
Sango: the Creation and Appropriation of a Pidgin

Françoise Gadet & Mari C. Jones Variation, Contact and Convergence in
French Spoken Outside France

Katja Ploog Subversion of Language Structure in Heterogeneous Speech
Communities: the Work of Discourse and the Part of Contact

Zygmunt Frajzyngier & Erin Shay Language-Internal versus Contact-Induced
Change: The Split Coding of Person and Number: A Stefan Elders Question

III. Frontier Research

Nicholas J. Enfield Transmission Biases in Linguistic Epidemiology

Robert Nicolaï How languages Change and How They Adapt: Some Challenges for
the Future / Dynamique du langage et élaboration des langues : quelques
défis à relever



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