Sri Lanka and India get down to business

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Sri Lanka and India get down to business

Fearful of being left behind by India's growing dominance of the
international outsourcing industry, Sri Lanka has launched an English
language learning initiative aimed at raising workers' skills. In
contrast to Bangladesh, which has appealed for English language
training help from Britain's Department for International Development
(27m to gain "language of prosperity", April 4), the Sri Lankan
government is enlisting expertise from India. President Mahinda
Rajapaksa last month invited leading language training providers from
India to meet Sri Lankan investors to explore joint ventures at a
three-day "English Teaching Business Mela" in Colombo. The "English as
a Life Skill" initiative is intended to provide special loans to
50,000 young people aged between 18 and 24 over three years, to help
them access training in work-related English skills.

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