Growing political parochialism in India: A Tamil, Maharashtra paradigm

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Tue May 27 15:49:55 UTC 2008

Growing political parochialism in India: A Tamil, Maharashtra paradigm

I have greatest regard for the immense contribution people from
Tamilnadu have done for the nation. We have Rahman who delivers
mindblowing music movie after movie . CV raman's discoveries on
scattering of light, APJ Abdul Kalaam's contribution to Missile
program , Mani Ratnam's amazing movies ,Shiv mani's precussions etc.
The color if Indian fabric will be shorn of its liveliness if these
contributors are removed. The mark made by their artists and
scientists are immemorial

Now come to the narrow gains their politicians make/ have made by
damaging the national harmony.

Tamil nadu probably is the only state in India where Supreme court
ruling that Reservations in any case should not cross 50% mark is
blatantly ignored. Probably its the only state which by its Ordinance
shamelessly gave 75% reservation and continues to do so. This
primarily is to cater to voting population who get swayed by it . Its
worthy to note that middle class and upper class do not vote as much
in India because of poll violence and long queues whcih are there on
booths .The poor and unemployed on the other hand can be lured into
voting for small sums of money/food/liquor/free conveyance to vote etc
. They are less afraid of violence, sometimes they can be easily
dragged out to vote. They have daily wage earning and narrow/
immediate  gain as its vision. This immediate reservation  in
education trick works for them. Just imagine giving them reservation
in World Wrestling arena without building their bodies of fighting
tricks. Policos know that education is one place where the downtrodden
will be eventually crushed by thier lack of merit but in shame they
will suffer without blaming them. A reserved student on an average
spends 50% more time getting degree and on most times twice that of a
general student. In Engineering I have seen reserved students spending
upto 14 yrs yet not getting a degree.   Its for this voting class that
these dirty cards are played by so called emancipators.

Again take the case of resisting National language. Tamilnadu is the
only state in india which doesnt communicate with the Central govt in
Hindi. ( It has 2 language policy Tamil and English) . Just look at the
ploy in this again. The upperclass Tamils embrace Hindi (Rahmaan
composes in Hindi, Rajnikant; Kamal Hasan also acted in Hindi movies.
Hema Malini, Sridevi made mark as Diva in Hindi Cinema and so did Mani
Ratnam and even P chidambaram. All the people from Tamilinadu who have
embraced Hindi seems to have grown exponentially . All Officers and
soldiers in armed forces from Tamil nadu speak very good  and even
chaste Hindi. Those who embrace have prospered.  Those who could/ did
not were relapsed to ignominy regional success. This brings to
question that while the Politicos who exploit voting population with
these  anti Hindi bashing to gain power, are  they not throwing their
own supporters decades behind. This isa like betraying the very people
who helped them.

 Denying the general students even 50 % seats would nean that brighter
meritorious general students would migrate to other states rather than
languish. The reserved students getting assured admissions would study
less hard, thus reducing quality of graduates. Which would mean lesser
pay. Overall the state and its voting population stands to loose in
long term. While the middle class and upper class embrace languages
,reaosonable judgements openheartedly ,its the downtrodden who are
made to oppose this to their own peril.
The unfortunate part is , the devil has struck again, and this time in
form of Raj Thackeray in Maharashtra. He is reusing the politically
tried, tested and stinking means of Reservations and language war to
throw the downtrodden in the state backwards. Only heavens will tell
when this blood sucking politicking end. The worst part now is that
even some educated Maharashtrians are biting the bait and turning

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