Australia: Quick hit: Aboriginal languages are like Deafness, and condoning ei ther is “criminally insane”

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  Quick hit: Aboriginal languages are like Deafness, and condoning either is
"criminally insane"

by Lauredhel <> on November 22, 2008

Eric Brodrick from Alice Springs has a piece in Crikey this week titled "What's
the Pitjantjatjara word for

His argument boils down to this paragraph:

Not being able to speak the major language of a country is a disability
equivalent to being profoundly deaf. Limiting a person's access to and
knowledge of, the major language of a country in the name of "cultural
purity" borders on the criminally insane. How can a person learn and grow if
the only language(s) they can speak is as relevant to the modern world as
ancient Babylonian?

Hoo boy.

I wonder if he's the same bloke who wrote this rant about "Professional
Aboriginals <>"
sticking their noses in the government trough?


More on the background:

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