Canada: Could a Liberal-NDP- Bloc alliance affect language policy?

Harold Schiffman hfsclpp at
Sun Nov 30 13:20:16 UTC 2008

With all the talk of a Liberal-NDP- Bloc alliance, I was thinking of
how this could affect language policy.

Of course neither the Liberals nor the NDP would really want to work
with the Bloc, but seeing that even together they still form a
minority, they'd essentially have no choice but to have the Bloc on
their side.

One thing the Bloc has been asking for is that the federal governemnt
in the province of Quebec would be officially monolingually

Could this not be a good thing in that it would likewise precipitate
support for all federal institutions outside Quebec to be officially
monolingually English-speaking, thus saving money on both sides with
respect to official bilingualism? Considering that the Bloc cares only
for Quebec, it couldn't care less what happens outside of Quebec. In
fact, it's likely the Bloc would even support this since it would
reinfoce French monolingualism in Quebec and possibly pressure French
speakers from outside of Quebec to move back to Quebec.

Should this idea (i.e. official French monolingualism in Quebec and
official English monolingualism in English Canada) be something worth

In fact, could the Conservative party itself not save itself from
takeover by creating an alliance with the Bloc and offering French
only in Quebec and English only elsewhere?

I'm sure Trudeau would roll in his grave at this, but Duplesis, the
Bloc, and the Conservatives would be ecstatic I'm sure. Strange times
make for strange bedfellows I suppose.

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