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NABE 2009

February 18-21, 2009 in Austin,Texas.

A Call for Papers and Presentations Bilingual Education: Strengthening
America Through a Multilingual Society.

Online submissions are now being accepted at:



1. In order for readers to fairly judge the quality of a proposed
presentation, proposals should indicate clearly what the session will
cover and how; the title should reflect what is to be done in the
presentation; and the appropriate type of presentations should be

2. NABE will accept and schedule no more than two (2) proposals per
person. Presenters, as a condition of acceptance, must be available
any conference day for scheduling. Any requests made for scheduling
will not be guaranteed.

3. Commercial and non-commercial proposals will be judged in separate
competitions. Please check the appropriate box on the online proposal
form. Commercial proposals include all those submitted or sponsored by
profit-making firms.

4. For presentations in languages other than English, the title and
the 50-word description should be in the language of the presentation,
but the abstract must be in English.


"Being Bilingual" Essay Contest!

Important Notice: To all elementary school, middle school, and high
school students who are learning in two languages:  The National
Association for Bilingual Education (NABE) invites you to participate
in its 28th annual Nationwide Writing Contest for Bilingual Students.
Please go to our website at for downloadable forms and

The 38th Annual Conference of the National Association for Bilingual
Education will be held on February 18-21, 2009 in Austin,Texas. In
addition to inviting nationally and internationally recognized keynote
and major speakers, NABE is soliciting presentations from the field
for concurrent sessions. In addition to the abstract guidelines set
forth for the particular category to which you are applying, the NABE
Program Committee will judge proposals based on the following
1. The relevance of the session to the needs of
   conference participants.
2. The ability of the proposal to demonstrate
   innovative approaches.
3. The interest level of the topic.
4. The applicability to instruction.
5. The relevance to current research.

We at NABE wish you much inspiration during this call for
presentations and we look forward to seeing you in Austin!

NABE Executive Board

Submission Deadline Extended to October 15th!
Call For Papers Submission Guidelines


Descriptive Reports (45 minutes):
1. Definition - a detailed discussion of activity the presenter is
carrying out related to the theory or practice of bilingual education.
2. Purpose - to describe, NOT demonstrate the activity. Descriptions
of program design and implementation; policies and procedures; teacher
preparation and development are suitable topics.
3. Guidelines - allow time for audience questions and discussion.
4. Abstract - should include description of the topic to be covered.

Research Papers (45 minutes):
1. Definition - a description and /or discussion of research relating
to bilingual education and the development of bilingualism.
2. Purpose - to share empirical research or well-documented
theoretical/practical perspectives. Also acceptable are critical
reviews of literature, policy studies, well-documented historical
studies, critiques.
3. Guidelines - use handouts and audio-visual aids, present a summary
rather than reading a prepared text
4. Abstract - should include the main premise of the paper, a summary
of supporting evidence, and the conclusion.

Demonstrations (75 minutes):
1. Definition - presentations which show a specific teaching or
testing technique and/or materials.
2. Purpose - to demonstrate how something is done.
3. Guidelines - provide a brief description of the underlying
theory,include handouts and audio-visual aids, and actively involve
4. Abstract - should include an explanation of the purpose of the
demonstration and a description of what will be demonstrated.

Symposia (2 hours):
1. Definition - panel of presentations which provide a forum for a
group of scholars, teachers, administrators, parents, or business and
government representatives.
2. Purpose - to discuss specific pedagogical, policy or research
issues from a variety of perspectives with alternative solutions
3. Guidelines - provide time for audience discussion.
4. Abstract - should include a description of the topic, along with
the names, titles, affiliations and specific contributions to the
symposium of each of the presenters.

Workshops (2 hours):
1. Definition - intensive sessions in which participants develop
methods or materials, design research studies, and analyze research
2. Purpose - to confront and solve actual teaching or research problems.
3. Guidelines - workshops MUST provide participants with the
opportunity to actively participate, emphasis is on providing hands-on
experience vs. lecturing.
4. Abstract - should include the goal of the workshop, a summary of
the theoretical background, and a description of activities to be
conducted during the workshop.
Notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent by October 28, 2008.

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