Book Review : Language Policy and Planning - Lidicoat

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Fri Oct 10 16:38:36 UTC 2008

Book Review : Language Policy and Planning - Lidicoat

There's an interesting book review on the Linguist site of 'Language
Policy and Planning' by Anthony Liddicoat.  There are several papers
of interest to Africanists and those interested in literacy. Here's a
couple of excerpts from the review.

Literacy is a central issue to many language planning works. However, there are
few studies which focus primarily on literacy as a language planning activity.
This volume tries to explore some of the complexities and consequences of
literacy in a range of contexts and from a range of perspectives. It brings
together a collection of fifteen papers on language planning for literacy in
official and vernacular languages and deals with the related issues in first and
additional languages in North America, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Pacific.

This volume presents us a complex view of literacy planning, which is not simply
a matter of planning a written form of a language, and is also a highly
ideological activity relating to the nature and practice of literacy and the
power relations which exist within societies. The studies in this volume clearly
show that literacy planning is a language policy and planning activity, and not
just a sub-category of language-in-education planning.

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